Real Newscasters for TV-Film Roles:

Real Newscasters is a service that provides real local television newscasters to play the roles of newscasters in television and film productions.

With Real Newscasters, video production organizations can receive fully produced newscast segments to be used within entertainment programming.

Instead of actors trying to sound like real newscasters, our newscast segments are anchored and reported by professionals who deliver the news in real life.

Real Newscasters provides segments with that unmistakable and believable voice delivery that only a professional newscaster can provide.

Here’s how it works:


  • Real Newscasters organizes the production of the scene using a real newscaster playing the role of a newscaster
  • The scenes can be shot on green screen or generic news set

Source of Talent:

  • Real Newscasters has a pool of current and former TV news anchors and reporters who are all members of SAG.
  • Production companies can choose which talent they would like for their newscast segments. Head shots, bios, and video clips of our anchors and reporters are provided by Real Newscasters

Delivery of Video Clips:

  • Produced video clips of the newscast segments are delivered to production companies in whatever format requested by means of any video sharing platform of the company’s choice, such as Dropbox, Google Drive or We Transfer.